Dr. Dozier

Safe, Effective Pain Management

Dr. Norman J. Dozier has devoted his career to treating chronic pain in Abilene, TX, since 1985. By accepting patients only upon physician referral, Dr. Dozier always has guarded his practice against prescription drug abuses making headlines today. Patients are guided through a careful process of determining the location of their pain and resetting their pain receptors.

Dr. Dozier has expertise in a range of treatments, including epidural steroid injections, spinal cord stimulator implants, intrathecal drug therapy, as well as joint injections and radio frequency nerve ablation.

Dr. Dozier expanded his practice in 2016, building the Abilene White Rock Surgery Center, L.L.C., and partnering with a network of neurosurgeons to help more patients. 

Cutting Edge Pain Management in Abilene, TX

David Lindley, D.O., has further broadened Dr. Dozier’s practice, joining in 2019 with expertise in some newer procedures. He is experienced in the evaluation and non-addictive management of chronic pain syndromes. Instead of prescribing opioids, Dr. Lindley prefers to implant patients with a pain pump, allowing them to relieve symptoms through safe and effective micro-dosing. For chronic knee, hip, and shoulder pain, he has had success with radiofrequency lesioning of the nerves to major joints, while also practicing more common pain management procedures, such as epidural steroid injections and facet joint interventions. 

Dr. Lindley also has vast experience and a strong interest in kyphoplasties for compression fractures. Patients in need of kyphoplasties will be seen on an expedient basis, and in most instances, the procedure can be performed within days of their initial consultation. Additionally, these patients are monitored until their pain is resolved.